Class 12

 1. Learn about Video resources for the classroom.

Tubechop, stupeflix,, kideos,com, you to incorporate videos, pictures, & Podcasts),,

Click for information on incorporating videos into the classroom.

50 alternatives to Youtube

My PowerPoint Game Show


Professional Development- How do I continue learning about technology?

Examples of game templates below:

Crossword Poster

3. Posters for the Classroom

T-shirt – Imagechef,
Make a Poster with Excel

My t-shirt design

PR shirt design


Click to learn about Blooms Digital Taxonomy

Here is an example of my Bloom’s Taxanomy:


Class 11

Who can you host your vodcast? Youtube,,, google docs, skydrive,  or your school site. 

Personal Learning Networks

 Click for more information about Twitter 

 Use a URL shortener to shorten the link. Then tweet your new link.

  1. To send a private message go to messages & type in the name of the person you want to send the message to. (you can only message a person who is following you.)
  2. Use the #search term to find relevant tweets about technology & education.
  3. Add a tweet and include a search term by adding #search term to your tweet

Using Games to help students remember material.

  1. Look through the games linked & post them to your twitter. Be sure to add a search term (#term) & mention me in your tweet (@r531) 

    ASSIGNMENT: Creating your own Game in PowerPoint

To shorten a URL go to:

Class 10

The link below is a planning paper for a podcast.  

Click this link to see my teaching lesson/vodcast.

 Educational Blogs & Podcasts

Use this file to help students write a script.

Use a Grading Criteria Sheet to evaluate your students

How can podcasts be used in the classroom?

Turn a wav to an MP3:

Class 9

1. Learn about online resources that will allow you to create podcast/vodcast.   ***For people in a hurry*** Click, record, share!!\ – Pro: Free, easy, allows online recording, & sharing. Con: Only offers the free account for a limited time-30 days-.)

  • (Record a sketch online with or without audio. Good for math problems)(pro: It is free, simple, you can email it or embed it on your website. Con: It might be difficult to draw, you can not include any pictures.)
  • – Pro: It is free, & very s imple. Con: It requires a download, it has limited editing features, you must pay to have your videos hosted on (only $14 a year)
  • Camtasia Studio – Pro: Easy to share on youtube or screencast. It has advanced editing features like zoom, text bubbles, audio, and more.  Con: It cost around $168 for the software.(one time fee) ***Maybe Sheila can

Music –

2. Spend around 30 min (more if needed) to finish writing your script. Share your script with your group members and myself ( using GOOGLE DOCS. This will allow all members to edit the document at the same time.

3. Record your podcast. Click for Podcast Group Project Directions.

Here is my podcast:

To covert media files, go to:


Class 8

google options

*advanced search -this allows you to find powerpoint presentations, shockwave,excel, word on your subject. You can also adjust your reading level.

*scholar- look up articles for research reports

*maps- find pictures, destinations


I researched picasa web albums. I use this site to store our pictures and videos. It’s very user friendly. I can easily print or send pictures to stores to print.

Podcasting- Today we learned how to create a podcast. We use audacity program and got music from

Class 6

Click the link below to see my voki.

To creat polls:

To create flashcards, you could use a word doc or the two websites below:

To look up definitions, you could use these sites:

Here is a link to the flashcards I made:

Digital Media Links

Illuminations is a great teacher resource to find math lessons.

The vocabhead website would be useful to my third grade class because we could use the word of the day to challenge my students with difficult words.