Class 9

1. Learn about online resources that will allow you to create podcast/vodcast.   ***For people in a hurry*** Click, record, share!!\ – Pro: Free, easy, allows online recording, & sharing. Con: Only offers the free account for a limited time-30 days-.)

  • (Record a sketch online with or without audio. Good for math problems)(pro: It is free, simple, you can email it or embed it on your website. Con: It might be difficult to draw, you can not include any pictures.)
  • – Pro: It is free, & very s imple. Con: It requires a download, it has limited editing features, you must pay to have your videos hosted on (only $14 a year)
  • Camtasia Studio – Pro: Easy to share on youtube or screencast. It has advanced editing features like zoom, text bubbles, audio, and more.  Con: It cost around $168 for the software.(one time fee) ***Maybe Sheila can

Music –

2. Spend around 30 min (more if needed) to finish writing your script. Share your script with your group members and myself ( using GOOGLE DOCS. This will allow all members to edit the document at the same time.

3. Record your podcast. Click for Podcast Group Project Directions.

Here is my podcast:

To covert media files, go to:



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